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jenos is an s class dork

I was training today on a closed hospital training system and have been ordered to put this on tumblr. Congratulations, Aoba and Noiz

krackentop sent: Hey, I know we didn't talk much before, outside of the one time you welcomed me to the Tsuritama fandom.. But I want you to know that I'm here if you want to talk. Sounds like you have a lot of great people around you, but it never hurts to have one more. Hope you're well!

Thank you so much. Some great people I still have, some great people I don’t really have any more but still appreciate them nonetheless. Thank you very much for your lovely words :) I’m going on a pretty scary adventure!

Everything changes

In two days time, I move out. It’s been the longest journey I’ve ever made, but in two days I will officially be separated from my daughter’s father, and be living in my own flat, alone but for the three days a week she’s with me.

I don’t post on tumblr any more, not in almost a year but there are a lot of people on here who have helped me along the way. I’m so excited and terrified to be finally doing this, it’s a completely new chapter in my life. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever helped me, listened to me, picked me up while I was down and cuddled me when I was too weak to carry on.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you, and thank you for everything.

I think it’s pretty much settled who has won the Eurovision… It wasn’t quite as magical as Russian Grannies last year but it was still mental.

Back to a tumblr-free life of working and sleeping. Goodnight, all.

if war erupts here today

it was good to know you

I loved you all

and now the results of the european jury


This is it.
This is Eurivision song contest


This is it.

This is Eurivision song contest

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aaaaand Euphoria is still better than any other song this year…




i love how nobody outside Europe knows what’s going on 

they’re probably all wondering how this is a real thing

i mean



well you haven’t seen romania yet

wait epic sax guy was from an eurovision?

Moldova are the best country didn’t you know?

Twenty years I lived in Ireland and I never saw anyone that buff they must be imported from Sexybaijan

40 seconds in is probably the greatest moment of the entire Eurovision hands down

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Pass it on.


Pass it on.




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heimdall open the bifrost


Cezar - It’s My Life (Eurovision 2013)


The opera singing dubstep Dracula has a special place in my heart